Our products

For more than 40 years MH&W offers electromechanical components to various industries in Europe. Mainly our portfolio includes solderless electrical connections (Interconnector, zebra-rubber) made by Shin-Etsu Polymer, silicone keypads and membrance keypads as well as metal protection tubes from Hagitec Japan. Our strength is to provide R&D departments of our customers with professional advice in design and application.


An Interconnector® is a kind of an electrical connection device. The Interconnector is made of silicone elastomere which has conductive zones in certain areas.

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Heat Seal

A Heat Seal foil is a kind of electrical connection element. The base material is a thin polyester film, with lines printed-on which consist of silverparticels.

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Touch Sensor

Together with Shin-Etsu Polymer we offer Projective Capacitive Touch sensors based on various conductive materials printed or deposited on ultra thin films.

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View control film

View Control Film or VC-Film is an optical louver film of alternating optical clear silicone rubber and black silicone rubber layers.

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Silicone keypad

The silicone keypad is an input device and normally the human-machine-interface. The silicone keypad is available in varied shapes and colors.

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Membrane switch

The surface of a membrane switch pad normally is waterproof and very appropriate in critical environments like medical applications. Also here we are working together with WIN Industry Taiwan.

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Injection moulding

In this field we are successfully working together with company WIN Industry Taiwan since many years. The tool production and manufacturing of the parts will be made under one roof in Shenzhen not far from Hong Kong.

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Metal protection tube

Our newest line of business are metal protection tubes made by the Japanese manufacturer "Hagitec". We took over the representation in certain areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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