An Interconnector® is a kind of an electrical connection device. The Interconnector is made of silicone elastomere which has conductive zones in certain areas.

Normally electricity flows in vertical direction. In order to avoid short circuit of two or more electrodes each conductive area is followed by an isolating area. At standard construction of Interconnector carbon dust is added to silicone in order to make it conductive. The isolation is made by pure silicon which has a very high isolating resistance. The distance between conductive area to isolating area is called "pitch". Normally the pitch of the Interconnector is much smaller than the pitch of the electrodes on the PCB. This has the advantage that the exact position of the Interconnector is not essential as long as the electrodes are covered. The smallest possible pitch is 0,03mm.

By the way: The Interconnector® is often called "zebrarubber" which comes from the optical appearance: The carbon dust makes a black color followed by pure milky silicone --> alternating it looks like a zebra pattern.
Besides of the standard construction of Interconnector we also sell Interconnectors which make the electrical connection via gold wires or golden resin particles. Here the electrical resistance is much smaller, say form 0-10 ohms. The range of applications is much wider. Safe connections from PCB to PCB, semiconductor to PCB, sensor to PCB and lots of others is possible.

The advantage of easy assembling and solderless construction makes the product very attractive. In the meantime the low-resistance Interconnector® has become our main sold product.
We are distributing the products of the Japanese manufacturer Shin-Etsu Polymer in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. For more information please look at

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