Heat Seal

A Heat Seal foil is a kind of electrical connection element. The base material is a thin polyester film, with lines printed-on which consist of silverparticels.

Both ends of the Heat Seal have added a so-called anisotropic adhesive. Under heat and pressure this adhesive gives a stable connection between the Heat Seal and PCB or display. Small randomly dispersed connective particles inside the adhesive establish the electrical connection. The lines of the Heat Seal are protected against environment by an additional printed insulation layer. This is the rough configuration of a Heat Seal.

The Heat Seal foil from Shin-Etsu Polymer is an inexpensive and stable electrical connection method. It has been proved as very safe for several years in various automotive applications.
Most of the Heat Seals are manufactured by customer´s needs and a tool is required in most cases. The product itself is very cost-effective but special bonding equipment is needed for assembling.
A typical application is the connection between display and PCB or PCB to PCB.

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